We didi it last year and let’s do it again!

23rd-25th of August Fixie Corner Weekend is happening and you are welcome to come!

Can’t wait to see you all in Vienna! 😍 


💜23rd - Nightride - meeting spot Flex 19:00

- Very chilled Nightride to show you Vienna and our community here


❤️24th - Criterium - Cyclodrom

-During the day we will have practice, multiple crit races for which you need a ticket if you are participating (you have to buy ticket before because every racer will get a starting kit and something more)

Aside from crit there is going to be:

-longskid contest(signing up for free on the spot)

-trackstand contest (signing up for free on the spot)

-one foot down (signing up for free on the spot)

And maybe some FGFS free session

During the whole day there is going to be a flea market so you can bring your stuff with you and exchange/sell with others.

After winners announcement we will have a party. 😃


Bike spec for Criterium:

  • Fixed Gear, track bikes only
  • Brakeless
  • Tri spokes, disc wheels, Aerospoke are allowed
  • No phones, bottles and conversions

 Prizes are going to be revealed soon.  


💚25th - Alleycat - meeting point Cyclodrom

•If you are planning to participate you need to buy a ticket before, tickets will be available on the day of the race as well but in limited quantities


Bike spec for Alleycat:

  • Fixed gear - track bikes, conversions
  • Brakes are allowed
  • Bring phone with Strava because you will need a proof of the route at the end
  • Lock


Every participant will get a starting kit, early birds even more and spoke cards for everybody

Prizes are going to be revealed soon.  


  See you in Vienna! 

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