FC Weekend invitation

FC Weekend invitation

After many many years of dreaming and months of planning I’m finally able to invite you all to my event/ 30th birthday party on the weekend of 22nd-24th of September!



💜22nd - Nightride - meeting spot Flex 19:00

-We are going to do a route that we call Hafenrunde to show you a bit of Vienna and what we are doing here as a fixed gear community in Vienna.


❤️23rd - Criterium - Cyclodrom

-During the day we will have practice, multiple crit races for which you need a ticket if you are participating (you have to buy ticket before because every racer will get a starting kit and something more)

Aside from crit there is going to be:

-longskid contest(signing up for free on the spot)

-trackstand contest (signing up for free on the spot)

-one foot down (signing up for free on the spot)

And maybe some FGFS free session

During the whole day there is going to be a flea market so you can bring your stuff with you and exchange/sell with others.

After winners announcement we will have a party, free beers. 😃


Bike spec for Criterium:

  • Fixed Gear, track bikes only
  • Brakeless
  • Tri spokes, disc wheels, Aerospoke are allowed
  • No phones, bottles and conversions

 Prizes are going to be revealed soon.  


💚24th - Alleycat - meeting point Cyclodrom

•If you are planning to participate you need to buy a ticket before, tickets will be available on the day of the race as well but in limited quantities


*You can choose between 2 options,

- You can either ride to Tulln and back to Kahlenberg and collect max points like that


- You can do multiple different checkpoints and collect the needed points.

End point in both cases is Kahlenberg where we are going to end this event.

Keep it in mind that the winner has to be the fastest and with the most points.


Bike spec for Alleycat:

  • Fixed gear - track bikes, conversions
  • Brakes are allowed
  • Bring phone with Strava because you will need a proof of the route at the end
  • Lock


Every participant will get a starting kit, early birds even more and spoke cards for everybody


1st place men and 1st place women - up to 1000€ (depends on the number of participants) & Chrome bag

2nd & 3rd place men and 2nd & 3rd place women - Chrome bag and some goodies

 See you in Vienna! 

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